Empire Links to Dominate the serps.

Empire links are the strongest backlinks in the world. This backlink system is pioneered by Niche Ranker and is the first of its kind.

Now you an achieve top rankings in the most competitive niche's in the world, and obtain links that continue to offer more value every single month.

The problem with traditional link building:

Let's pretend there's a website which has 500 strong referring domains. This would mean this site has a lot of authority and if you received a backlink from this site, you could receive a strong ranking boost. Right?

Most websites that are selling backlinks to you are also selling backlinks to thousands of others. What this means is that the ranking power that this website can pass to you with is fractionalized into thousands of pieces, dispersed to everyone else that they backlink to.  

You're left with the same crap links that are spammed to everyone else. Not to mention, you're easily identifiable as someone who buys backlinks!


Cheap Price.


Website is selling too many links, providing small ranking power.
Links become less valuable over time.
Hundreds / thousands of links required to compete in the typical niche.
Easily recogized as a link farm. Can be deindexed or worse, hurt your rankings in the future.

What if there was a better way?

...Now there is!

Introducing: 🛕Empire Links🛕.

Real, Niche Websites, Owned By Niche Ranker.

We are purchasing websites which had REAL purposes (not purposes of blogging or selling backlinks) and have extremely strong backlinks /referring domains.

Rigorous Requirements
Must have an amazing backlink portfolio. Must have been a real site for real purposes other than selling links. Must have a perfect history on Wayback Machine. Must have a good ratio of do-follow backlinks.

Thousands of dollars
Niche Ranker spends thousands of dollars to obtain these websites / domains.

8 Outbound Homepage Links.

Keep the ranking juice for yourself. We only create outbound links to a maximum of 8 other websites. We do not sell links anywhere else for these sites.

Homepage Links
Homepage links pass the most ranking power vs links in any other page of the linking website.

Just 8 Outbound Links
That's it. Gone are the days of just getting a fraction of the ranking power of a website with 5000 others.

Watch your investment grow into an empire.

These websites are going to be gaining new backlinks and content every month, so that your backlink provides more and more power for a lifetime.

New Backlinks Monthly
We acquire new backlinks for these websites every single month. This means your backlink is providing more and more value with time.

New Content Monthly
Every month we add a new, human written blog post targeting a keyword to these sites. We look to grow the authority and traffic of these sites higher and higher.

Private Servers, No Footprints.

We've taken every step to ensure our collection of websites stay separate and safe.

Private Servers
Each of our websites have their own IP address. No Shared hosting. Each site is on its own digital ocean droplet / dedicated server.

No Footprints
Different domain registrars, different hosting providers, all following the latest and safest techniques.  

Original Design/Text
Websites are recreated with the same design and text as they were when they were live, ensuring the authority is maintained.

Choose lifetime or subscription.

Empire links gives you two options when it comes to purchasing one of the 8 available link slots.

Lifetime Slot (2 per site) - More Expensive
Pay once and receive an empire link that is providing more and more value over the course of a lifetime.

Monthly Slot (6 per site) - Less Expensive
To be able to continue powering the empire links with new backlinks and content we need to sell the other slots as a subscription. We have monthly server, backlink and content costs.

As your empire link gains more and more authority each month your subscription price stays the same. Lock in the early pricing so that you get more and more value for your cost! If subscription slots become available in the future, the price increases based on the website metrics. You can't go wrong locking in a subscription on an always-growing empire link.


Ranking power is unmatched.
Pay once or lock in a subscription price that provides more and more value as time passes.
Websites are built from past real sites, that were serving real purposes. A "real" backlink in Google's eyes.
Compete in highly competitive niche's with a fraction of the backlinks needed.
Less backlinks needed means removed risk of overusing keyword anchor text.


Smaller Inventory.

Effective links

High metric links from websites in your niche. The type of links Google gives all of the value to in 2024.
“Niche Ranker is the biggest reason I am able to remain in first position for all of the competitive SEO keywords in my City.”
Josh Bolstad
CEO, updigital.ca
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