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What's included

Introducing the Done-For-You Niche Private Blog Network.

Almost all top-ranking websites in highly competitive niches have their own private blog network to rank their websites. How do they do it? They grab expired domains with a strong backlink profile, are aged, and are in their niche.

They build a new website with these expired domains and link from the homepage to the website(s) they want to rank. Finding spam-free sites with no penalty, setting them up with no footprints with different hosting providers, and launching the website correctly, which can't be crawled by robots, is a technical task and difficult to do the right way.

That's where Niche Ranker's Done-For-You Private Blog Network comes in...

How it works:

Choose the Niche, metrics, and number of domains. We will find a list of expired domains you should purchase to your specifications. Once you register the domains, you'll let us know, and we will host them on our PBN hosting.

This hosting is zero-footprint, multiple-provider hosting. We will create a new website for each domain with the correct plugins and new content. We will send you the WordPress login details.

About the website creation:

We go out of our way to make these sites look like real websites.

- We ensure all backlinks to the expired domains are recaptured and pointed to your site.
- Three 500+ word articles will be published on the site with a video and image. Unique content, Copyscape passed.
- Unique themes are used.
- A custom logo is used.
- WordPress is installed.
- Youtube video in your sidebar.
- Ads in your sidebar.
- Contact us, about us, privacy policy, and terms of services pages are created.
-Backlink sites like Ahrefs and Semrush have their robots blocked to maintain the privacy of the sites.

Things you can do with your own PBN:

- Sell PBN Links
- Rank your own or your clients' websites
- Build an authority site out of them with a big head-start (savings on not having to purchase as many backlinks)

No anchor text spam, Clean history, TLDs: .com, .net, .org
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