Best Practies For Link Building

Best Practies For Link Building

This article is going to explain exactly how you should link build for your website. We will discuss link diversity, anchor text diversity and website metrics. By the end of this article you should have a good grasp on how to use Niche Ranker to help your website rank first on Google. If you want to see exactly how to rank first with more than just anchor text and link URL information, click here

Link Diversity

It's important to diversify your link building. These days, Google gives the most value to: 

- Foundation Links
- Niche Edits
- Niche Forum Comments
- PBN Links

Building a variety of these types of links is going to help you reach the top rankings that you're after. The good news is, Niche Ranker makes it extremely easy for you to get these links.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is best described as the word choice for the hyperlinked text. For example: Blue Carrot - The anchor text here is "blue carrot". Would I recommend eating a blue carrot? No, but that's for a different article.

There's specific anchor text strategy that you should follow with your link building. First, let's start with the 12 categories of anchor text:

  1. Exact Match – this is an exact match anchor for one of your keywords.
  2. Page Title – this anchor text is usually a blog post title or the actual SEO title as the anchor text.
  3. Partial Match – this anchor includes one of your main key phrases plus other non-keyword phrases with it. For example: Best Blue Carrot Recipe
  4. Brand Plus Keyword – this anchor includes your brand name plus a key phrase (ie “Niche Ranker Blue Carrot”).
  5. Partial Keyword – this anchor contains just a part of your key phrase. For example: Carrot
  6. Branded – this is just your brand name as the anchor text: Niche Ranker
  7. Generic– this anchor has no reference to any keywords or brand: Learn more, Find out more, Click here, Etc
  8. Full URL – this anchor is the full URL of the page being linked to as the anchor.
  9. – this anchor is your URL written in this format: “”.
  10. Home URL – Your home url: "
  11. No Text – this anchor is associated with image links that have no alt text.
  12. URL with www’s – Example:

Homepage Anchor Text Strategy

Here is how you should plan links for your homepage:

  • 80%-95% of your links should be a mix of Branded, Generic and URL.
  • Around 10% of your links should be partial match.
  • A maximum of 5% of your links should be "exact match".

Inner Page Anchor Text Strategy

Here is how you should plan link for your inner-pages:

  • 30%-40% of your links should be Branded, Generic and URL.
  • 30%-60% of your links should be partial match.
  • Around 25% of your links should be Exact Match.

Ideally your inner-pages are optimized properly (title, meta description and content) for exact match keywords. This is why you're able to put more exact match and partial match keywords to these pages.

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